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bike build

Bicycles don’t come completely suited to rider specs. Folks buy bicycles to fit their height. For other “microadjustments” and honestly, some macroadjustments, they come to us.

We are not all of us, at height, say, 5’11”, of the same split of torso and legs, some of us have longer arms, some have broader shoulders, some have more hip mobility and so on. People choose to get a custom bike fit to get faster and more comfortable. To this end, they work with one of our in-house Dr. Bike types and get an assessment of the contours of the body, and how that works with or against the contours of the bike. This is a long and intense 2-3 hour session of measurements, calibration and riding the bike.

The adjustable components on a bike, the ones that can improve your stack, reach, sitting position and cadence are seat post, saddle, stem, handlebars and occasionally, crank arm length. As part of a bike fit, we sometimes need to switch out components for better suited ones. Customers can either buy off us or source and bring them along.

This process is called a bike fit. A good bike fit session is a lot like therapy. You have to work with the therapist, be open and flexible, and work towards a common outcome.

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