Skilling up on MTB: The Avalahalli Experience with Manik Taneja

Our efforts towards holding more skilling workshop comes from our belief that you get better at what you intentionally spend time on. We’ve seen this happen with how we’ve honed our craft within the store. We’ve seen this story being repeated time and again by MTB riders, road rider, TT champs, triathletes, riders of all stripes. So, we figured we ought to get more platforms opened for folks to practice their riding skills. Training on trails on an MTB is a great way to pick up and strengthen skills that will serve you well on the tarmac.

With that in mind, we decided to team up with someone who’d lead this effort. We wanted someone who is not only skilled, but is also someone who enjoys teaching the skill to others. We found that person in Manik Taneja. Manik is someone we’ve seen explore MTB riding over the last few years, get progressively better at both riding and figuring out cycles, componentry and gear that works best for him.

Our second MTB skilling session took place at Avalahalli on 12th Dec. We had close to a dozen folk turn up on the day. The youngest of them was about 8, accompanied by his equally enthusiastic dad.

The one girl who came by is consistently making waves, while getting stronger with riding trails.

The many teenagers who dropped by for their second session were thrilled to be getting a chance to do this again with us.

Watch this space as we work towards getting you more opportunities to practice in the safety of trails and get stronger riding skills.

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