Custom Wheel Builds

Till about 15 years ago, the notion of a readymade wheel set didn’t really exist. You went to a custom wheel builder who built a pair of wheels for you to suit your style and budget.

Since then, bicycles come with factory fitted wheel sets and if you want to upgrade, you typically buy another factory built wheel set.


Wheel building is a craft, harkening back to the early days of bicycling that we love. We’ve built numerous aero wheels, lightweight wheels, strong enduro/ downhill and touring wheels.

If you come to us for a wheel build, we’ll assess your needs by talking to you about what you ride, your riding style, your weight, the roads you ride on, your riding ambitions, and finally, your budget. On this hinge the various options of hubs, spokes and rims that will be threaded together to make a beautiful, balanced and long-lasting wheel.

A sign of good hand-built wheels: the hub logo should point at the valve hole


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