We opened our shutters in 2013. Our focus from the start was to do the best bike mech work in the country. To this end, we invested in a Pro mechanic course from the United Bicycle Institute, Portland, Oregon back in ’13.

We sold bikes for the first few years, but figured out that our expertise and enthusiasm lay in wrenching with bikes. We’ve worked on everything from the latest electronic groupsets on weight-weenie carbon fibre roadbikes, to full-sus carbon fibre enduros, all the way to the aluminium commuter bikes that we all use to get to work.

We’ve built any number of bikes to suit customer specs – touring, randonneuring, off-roading, road racing, triathlons and more.

We’re proud and humbled to count, among our customers, national champs & weekend warriors; legendary tourers &  podium finishers, triathletes & downhillers and possibly most important of all, those of us who brave unforgiving traffic daily to commute to work.


It gives us a thrill when a customer ships their bicycle to us cross-country, because they trust us. We’re proud of the community we’ve built. People reach out to talk about bicycles and components. Many also share their significant milestones – on their bikes and in life. Proof of that pudding is when people rush in to say they have had a baby a few hours ago, collect hugs and rush out; when plum cakes pile up around Christmas and dry fruits and sweets around Deepavali. It is also when people complete a tour or climb a hill or finish a race and tag us online to let us know the bike did its job as they did. And to say that they’re doing fine, because they know at least one of us would be wondering.