Bike fit. Arjun Lall. October 2020

This bike fit was a special one, because we also built the bike for Arjun.

For someone like him, who has a lot of experience riding road bikes, and has come to us for previous bike fits, it makes sense to schedule the bike fit as soon as the bike is ready to roll. He has the knowledge needed to make decisions on what feels better while microadjustments on the saddle or pedal are being made.

The problem that we wanted to resolve for Arjun is that he said the arches of his feet pain when he rides. While he was warming up, Pavan, who did the bike fit, noticed that one of his knees was falling in. Through some trial and error (getting the rider to do some squats, checking for where it hurts when they ride – or even when they walk or run), Pavan determined that this was owing to the arches collapsing. The solution in this situation was simple – put in an insole in the riding shoe. This helps give a hard surface at the pedalstroke end and that is useful tactical feedback for the rider. For riders that have been athletic for a long period of time and engage in efforts like Yoga, like Arjun does, this feedback will over time help him raise awareness of the fallen arches and work to raise them. This was the aha moment for him, and he was able to pick up an immediate change in experience.

We also need to keep in mind specific needs of the riders. In Arjun’s case, owing a a wrist he had broken in the past, he needs the hoods to have a slight upward tilt so that he can brace that wrist.

With these, the adjustment to saddle height, position etc., the bike was fit and and looking very fine indeed.

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