Diagnostics & Maintenance


We at Crankmeister are best known nationwide for our expertise in bicycle mechanics. A significant component of this is identifying what needs doing for each bicycle that comes in: forecasting time, effort and cost, and sharing that with customers before the start of each job. This is something we got right, from our first week of operations, and is a system that’s improved with time.

What we do

Preventive maintenance: Is exactly what it sounds like. By cleaning, lubricating, indexing, torquing,  and identifying and replacing worn out parts, we ensure the bicycle is ship-shape.

Diagnostics: Is there a squeak or a rattle you can’t make sense of? Indexing issue? Wheel going out of true? Spokes breaking? Shake in your hub? Hydraulic brakes spongy? Di2 / eTap acting moody? Bring it in and we will systematically go through the process of identifying where the problem lies – and proceed to fix it for you.

If you want to get your bicycle serviced, call us at +91 8861544666 and we’ll queue you in, tell you when to drop the bike off and when it will be ready to ride.

service sworks
One of those days when every bicycle that rolls in for service is an SWorks
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