Custom Bike Builds


Case for a bike build: We build bikes after first evaluating that there is a case for the person to build a bike. After that, we handhold them through the process of identifying the bike’s purpose, and what we will do to get it there.

Putting the pieces together: Then its a matter of identifying the frame, components, shipping them from far reaches of the earth, signing off on the costing, and finally, building the bike.

Most of our customers are there on bike build day, lovingly taking a million pictures of every stage of the build.


Two examples that leap to attention are tourers and epic chroniclers:

Young Ganesh Nayak, he of Manipal university professorship, freshly minted author and adventurer to Iceland, Kyrgystan, Ladakh and a lot more.

Young Col. John Britto, who has carried on a love story with the Himalayas, and has put his bicycle tread marks all over the beautiful state of Sikkim, and is now eyeing Uttarakhand.

Here’s a bike build in progress:

Custom wheel builds

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