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From the beginning, we’ve been a home for various community activities. We’ve had expert talks, experience sharing by national champs & super randonneurs, race screening, BBCh race  planning and more. We’ve also had a few firsts: bicycle flea market, our famed barbecues, treasure hunts, bicycle quizzes, and a bunch of things we’ve probably forgotten.

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For us, the fact that bicycle aficionados have a home away from home to do all their n+1 talk is a high.


Team Crankmeister Racing

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Our eponymous racing team consists of store owners & podium-winning spouses, consultants and researchers, ebullient stage racers and lawyers, businessfolk and students. This mostly ragtag team rakes up podium wins consistently in the racing season, and we have some up and coming talent across various categories. What is special about this group is that there is some very genuine camaraderie over here, that goes beyond race support and strategy – it goes straight to the heart.

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