Componentry & High-End Accessories

We stock high quality components that go in as upgrade or replacement parts for bicycles that we service. We’re brand agnostic and choose instead to stock a curated set of road-proven, rider-preferred parts and components.

We also carry high-end accessories ranging from trainers to helmets and shoes to triathlon gear, and more.  The logic for picking a certain line or brand again is roadworthiness and products that have highly positive user reviews.


Components & accessories we carry*

Trainers: Tacx & Wahoo. The big daddies of smart trainers. Something that every serious road rider needs.

Helmets: Kask & Specialized. Two of the best brands in road cycling.


Shoes: Sidi & Lake. We really have you covered. Sidi is for those of us with narrower feet and Lake is usually for a broader foot.

Wheels: Fulcrum, Profil Design, Specialized and Mavic. Wheels are the first upgrade a cyclist should consider to get faster. (No, not your groupset. Ask us why)


*This is only an indicative list of the brands we carry. If you want to check about availability of a specific piece, please call.

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