Covid-19 Response Protocol

Given the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, here’s our new normal:

Updated 7th October 2020: As things limp back to normal, we ask that you –

  • Keep your mask on, the entire time.
  • Don’t wear your mask under the nose. That doesn’t help.
  • We don’t check temperature, so we’re leaving the judgment to you and trust you will make. the right one for yourself and us.
  • Schedule your visit with us, so we are expecting you.
  • Keep the visit short and related to the work needed. Head out when you’re done. We love our customers but we also. care about your safety and our own 😀
  • Don’t come in to hang out like you used to. It’s just not safe.
  • If there are more than 8 people in the store, wait outside.
  • If you see people waiting outside, please finish your work quickly and cede space to them
  • We’re not enjoying this either, but the pandemic isn’t done with us. Those of us at the store are a vulnerable group (most of us have dependent elders at home/ other immunocompromised categories of folk – we’re taking a big risk but one that is necessary)
  • Obvious, but don’t lean in to hug. Saves us from being put on the position of saying, “Hard pass” and then feeling sad that we missed the hug.

Updated 14th July 2020: Shut for as long as the Bangalore lockdown continues. When we reopen, you will see updates on social media.

Updated 30th May 2020: As the lockdown ceases, we’re preparing to reopen. Call and come by. All community lunches and hanging around stands cancelled, obvious reasons. Nobody is sorrier than us. But safety first.

Updated: Monday, 23rd March 2020: We’re shut keeping in mind the government guidelines and will stay shut till 31st March 2020, and beyond that, follow directives of the government. Stay safe.

  1. Restricting retail hours: Starting Saturday, 21st March, we are restricting entry of customers to the store to 3pm-5pm.
    • We will continue to accept bikes for service. You can drop your bicycle off or pick it up only between 3-5pm, Tuesdays to Sundays.
    • On working days, from store opening to 2.59pm, we’ll function on shutters down mode. This reduces walk-ins and chances of contamination. To open the shutters for one person, we’ll have to wear gloves, masks etc. and then open. So, don’t ask that of us. We’re friendly neighbourhood and all that… but apparently so is this virus!
  2. Putting bike fits on hold: There is no way to do a bike fit while maintaining social distance. So, till there is an all-clear, we’re suspending all bike fits.
  3. Sanitising the store: We’re amping up cleaning the store, wiping surfaces, cleaning tools we’re using across all of us. Only those of us with no tiredness, cold, cough, fever are physically in the store and handling bikes.
  4. Social distancing: No handshakes and hugs. There’s a 2 arm distance policy, including when you hand off your bike. In the workshop area, there is a yellow caution tape zone that cordons off those of us working on bikes.  
  5.  “Off, damn spot”: Plenty of handwash instructions in the restrooms and washing areas. Plenty of in-house hand made hand sanitiser.

Please note: This is a reactive page and our rules of engagement will change to keep up with health and well-being directives from state and central authorities.

If there is restriction on non-essential storefronts to close or a curfew imposed from any day onwards, we will, obviously, comply.

Other Resources for you: 

India dashboard made by the folks at Kiprosh.

InformationIsBeautiful’s datapack: Understanding the virus outbreak, at risk population, incubation periods etc. You can also use this to educate your store staff in whatever language they understand best.

Simulations of the exponential curve and how to flatten it.

Find the chance to dance, all the same.

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